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Child Development Professional Profile

Expert Profile

Dr Susan Moloney

Director of Paediatrics Gold Coast University Hospital

Professor Susan Moloney is a General Paediatrician. She is a Qld Health Eminent Specialist and is the Director of Paediatrics at the Gold Coast University Hospital. Prof Moloney was previously the President of the Paediatric and Child Health Division of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, (RACP) was chair...

Questions answered by Dr Susan Moloney

Sleeping bag to bed sheets

My 2.3 year old sleeps in a sleeping bag. I’m wondering what age would be appropriate to start using bed sheets instead and if there is any robust research discussing disadvantages of keeping him in a sleeping bag for the time being. Thanks!

Is it ok for my baby to sleep in his pram?

Is it ok for my baby to sleep in his pram (not the bassinet) as he wakes as soon as I try and move him to his cot.