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Couple talking with adopted son while he plays

Helping children build language skills

David Loyst has been studying and teaching about parenting for over 30 years as a speech language pathologist, autism consultant, and parent coach. He says it helps to think not just about language development, but ‘expressive’ language development.

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No Words?

Are you teaching your child to use words to express his/her feelings? As you're out and about, ask your child to notice animals, which don’t use words, and see how they communicate what they want. Does the dog bark or stare at you? Ask your child what he/she thinks the dog is trying to say.

You can help your child learn to communicate with words and in other ways by noticing how animals communicate when they have No Words. Use what your child notices to ask questions and help your child think like a scientist, applying what he/she observes to his/her own life.

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Vroom uses the science of early learning to help your child thrive with bite-sized activities that support brain growth.