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The role of parents and home learning

Dr Kate Liley highlights the importance of the home learning environment in supporting children’s development. She discusses how it features strongly in research as being key to children’s language, physical, intellectual and social development.

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Imaginary Flower

Does your child like to pretend? Tell him/her that there is an imaginary flower growing on his/her nose. Describe what it looks like. Then pretend to grab it! Now say there is a flower on his/her ear and grab it too. Have your child describe and grab the flowers on you and enjoy the joke.

Although pretending is lots of fun, it also teaches your child that one thing can stand for something else. These symbols are the basis of reading and writing, with words standing for objects and ideas. This game also develops children’s creative thinking.

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Vroom uses the science of early learning to help your child thrive with bite-sized activities that support brain growth.