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The role of parents and home learning

Dr Kate Liley highlights the importance of the home learning environment in supporting children’s development. She discusses how it features strongly in research as being key to children’s language, physical, intellectual and social development.

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Singing Time, Calming Time

As you’re putting your child to bed rock him/her gently and sing softly to him/her. Pay attention to how he/she tells you he/she wants more singing. Does he/she turn his/her head toward you? Smile? Move? What does he/she do to say “enough”? Cry? Turn away? Take note of how to respond to his/her cues now and in the future! 

Singing to your child before bedtime is like a calming conversation using music. You sing, he/she responds, you respond etc. He/She is learning how it feels to calm himself/herself, which is an important life lesson. 

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Vroom uses the science of early learning to help your child thrive with bite-sized activities that support brain growth.