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Snapshot of Australian Families

In an effort to better understand the balance between work and home that contemporary parenthood brings, we conducted a survey of more than 1000 families that aims to understand a little more about what’s happening in our homes, the challenges we are facing and the things that make us happy.

By sharing what happens behind closed doors we can gain a better understanding of the genuine issues facing families and the questions that we need to answer as a community to help families flourish.


31.3% of families only eat breakfast together on weekends. However, 12% of families never eat breakfast together.


The two words parents felt best described family life over the previous three months were quite a contradiction showing a contrast in emotions - happy (54%) and stressed (36%). These were followed by overwhelmed (34%), content (23%), and optimistic (21%).


40% of parents have struggled to meet essential expenses like food, mortgage/rent, utility bills, child care or important medical care over the past 12 months.


29% of families do not believe they have enough money left after essential expenses to purchase much of anything they really want.


54.5% of parents believe their children face a tougher future than the one they have grown up in. Only 3.5% thought their children would have fewer problems, and 42% thought the level of challenges would remain the same, they would just be different.

Family time

53% of parents believe they spend less time with their children than their parents spent with them.


40% of parents say they rarely or never give in to their child’s demands to avoid a fight or to keep them happy. Meanwhile 12% say they often or always give in.


59.5% of parents set aside one-on-one time to read with their child for at least 20 minutes either often or always. However, 14% of parents they never or rarely set aside this time to read.


66% of parents are happy in their role as a parent “most of the time”. Sadly however, 1.5% are unhappy “most of the time”.


46% of parents rarely or never take time out to relax or clear their mind (for example: relax in a bath, read a book, chat with a friend, take a walk).


73% of parents would rarely or never intervene if they saw someone else’s child misbehaving in public and their parent was unaware.

Time out

62% of parents believe more quality time for themselves would positively influence how happy they feel in their role as a parent. This was followed by more quality time with their child (53%), better financial resources (45%) and more sleep (43%).

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