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Employer attitudes to carer's leave

If you are a working parent and have to take unexpected or necessary leave to take care of a child, what is your employer's response?
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Support Services

Reaching out for help when you’re a parent means looking to organisations or services with a range of expertise or the means to assist. Whether it’s government payments or a specialised support service, sometimes you just need to ask.

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Our Child Development Professionals

Fran Chavasse

Senior Nurse educator at Tresillian Family Care Centres

Fran is the Senior Nurse educator at Tresillian Family Care Centres. She is a Registered nurse/ midwife and a child and family health nurse. She has a master’s degree in infant mental health and is currently finishing a PhD in Adult attachment research. Fran is also the author of the Tresillian Sleep Book. Fran...

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Sharon McKinlay

Sharon McKinlay

Early Learning Consultant, Goodstart Early Learning

Tiffany Noble

Tiffany Noble

Senior Speech Pathologist, Goodstart Early Learning

Alma-Jane ODonnell

Alma-Jane O'Donnell

Senior Child & Family Practitioner for Goodstart Early Learning

Dr Michael Nagel

Dr Michael Nagel

Associate Professor, School of Education, University of the Sunshine Coast

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