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Parenting techniques

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How to avoid 'over parenting' your child

Research has found children of helicopter parents may be less able to deal with the challenging demands of growing up, particularly school. Children who cannot regulate their emotions and behaviour are more likely to have a harder time making friends.

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Raising boys: How to nurture gentle sons

It’s not unusual for parents of boys to be told ‘You have your hands full’. But why is the act of raising boys seen as a handful or a hardship as opposed to raising girls? What should parents do to really nurture their son’s gentle or softer side?

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How to talk to children about death

From a very young age children are introduced to the themes of loss in picture books, video games, and popular children’s movies, but often adults find questions about death and dying challenging. One common question is “what on earth do I say?”.

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Tresillian tips for sleep and settling

Registered nurse and midwife Fran Chavasse says too many people mistakenly believe that children can learn to sleep at any age. However, children don’t learn to sleep. Sleep is a developmental process like walking and talking and it happens over time.

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Swearing: My sweet child said what?

In that mortifying moment when your child drops a swear word in public and you're waiting for the ground to swallow you up, child development expert Dr Michael Nagel says parents need to stay calm and remember this presents a learning opportunity.

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Don't leave me! 6 tips for saying goodbye

Separation anxiety usually starts around six months when a child starts to develop a stronger bond with the primary care giver, then peaks around 10 to 18 months and fades after their second birthday. Discover six tips for easing the separation process.

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Jamila Rizvi shares motherhood’s secrets

After her son was born, Jamila Rizvi felt isolated, exhausted and confused. In a collection of letters from Australian women sharing what they wish they'd know about life with a newborn, Jamila has compiled a diverse range of deeply honest experiences.

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Supporting children’s big emotions

One minute everything is normal, and suddenly something that seems insignificant becomes a full blown, legs flailing temper tantrum. The speed that children’s behaviour can be overtaken by big emotions can come as quite a surprise for parents.

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