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The secrets behind slow cooking for kids

Like so many parents struggling through dinner every night, Paulene Christie was initially drawn to slow cooking by the convenience. Now she has traded her busy life juggling parenting and a job, to lead half a million passionate online followers.

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Fighting obesity – raising healthy kids

You are much more likely to be obese than your parents were at your age, an Australian report has revealed. While that’s hard to hear, here’s another fact - obesity levels among our very young children have almost doubled in the past two decades to 9%.

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Living with children’s food allergies

When Katrina Roe’s daughter was three years old and heading to a friend’s birthday party, her mother was astonished to hear her daughter say that she hated parties. Her food allergies left her feeling isolated and removed from her friends and the festivities.

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Look I’m a Cook! Kids in the kitchen

We know that children need to maintain a balanced diet to grow up healthy and strong and meet the high energy needs of their growing bodies. Involving them in the kitchen and as they get older, learning to cook with them can be a worthwhile adventure.

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Is ‘fussiness' making meals a battle?

Concerns about fussy eating are really common. When meals are a battleground and children are being picky about their food, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be reduced to tears, tantrums, bribes and threats. Read our top tips to ensure healthy eating habits.

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Healthy breakfast habits for children

A breakfast of highly processed and sugary food is setting you up for a day where you constantly look for sugary treats and move from energy spike to energy spike without having the strong, consistent release of energy which comes from a healthy breakfast.

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A nutritionist’s 8 top tips for parents

Nutritionist, author and mother of two Honor Tremain knows just how hair-tearingly frustrating the whole "food thing" can be for parents. The key, she says, is to keep it simple - a diet based on fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, healthy grains and legumes.

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Food allergies and intolerances in babies

Babies are more likely to develop allergies if there's a history of eczema, asthma, hay fever or food allergies in the family. When you start introducing solids, introduce foods that can trigger allergic reactions one at a time to monitor reactions.

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