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Managing family and work life balance

Children are now much more likely to grow up in working households, however stressed parents report feeling pulled in two directions as either devoted employees or perfect parents. Many are struggling in a world they feel requires them to be both.

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Should you give children pocket money?

A 2018 Financial Planning Association report found two out of three children between four and eight receive pocket money. But when parents of under-fives talk to friends about pocket money, they often seek help on when to start and how much to give.

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Parental leave: Tips on returning to work

For first-time parents, heading off on parental leave requires a leap into uncharted territory. But the return back to work is another transition that isn’t always smooth sailing. When heading back from parental leave, what should you consider?

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Working mums: Your children will be happy

Employed mothers can relax. Harvard Business School research suggests that the children of working mothers are just as happy in adulthood as the children of stay-at-home mums, and that their adult daughters are more likely to have higher earnings.

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Living with rising costs

Petrol, power, groceries- all those essentials are suddenly placing more of a burden on our household budgets than ever before. How do we manage to plan for rising costs when our wages aren't also rising? It is possible!

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Cost of raising a family

How much does it really cost to raise your family? According to research, the costs of raising children are rising much faster than our wages, which means setting a budget and being realistic about our spending is essential.

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Finance lessons for your kids

Children under five are not too young to learn about money and how to save it, according to finance experts. And you may already be helping them understand the value of money without even realizing it, through everyday games and activities.

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Invest in your child's future

Trying to find funds for future family investments can sometimes feel like a pipe dream, but there are some smart ways to make your money grow to set your children up in the long run. You may be surprised at how little you really need!

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