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Kids Brain Facts Quiz

Test your knowledge with a quick quiz on some key facts on the development of a child's brain - the foundation for all future learning, behaviour, and health.

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Vanilla Strawberry Smoothie
Healthy Eating Habits

While we all want a healthy diet for our children, how confident are you that you're doing a good job shaping your child’s eating habits?

Discipline: Girl being disciplined by mother
Attitudes to Physical Discipline

The Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll revealed that while half of Australian parents (51%) think it’s never okay to use physical discipline with a child, the remainder believe it is unrealistic to think that parents should never use physical discipline. In your opinion is it ever okay for parents to use physical discipline on their children?

Taking a photo of mother and child
Your child's rights online

Is it okay for parents to share whatever they want about their children on social media?

Learning CPR
CPR training

When was the last time you completed or refreshed your CPR training?

Mother and sick child
Employer Attitudes to Carer's Leave

If you are a working parent and have to take unexpected or necessary leave to take care of a child, what is your employer's response?

Kindergarten children laughing
Quality Early Learning

Quality early learning gives children the skills to set them up for the best start to their school education. A Melbourne Institute study found that children who attended preschool led by a Diploma or Degree qualified teacher scored how many points higher on their Year 3 NAPLAN Tests?

Baby sleeping in cot
Baby Sleep Patterns

When did your baby start sleeping through the night?