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Articles about 3 year olds

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The effects of childhood trauma

Helping children through trauma

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Supporting children's communication development

Communication development is linked to many other outcomes, so parents are encouraged to be proactive and seek early intervention if they’re concerned

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Teaching children how to focus attention

Experts are calling for a renewed focus on the ability to concentrate and stay focused, particularly for children.

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Tackling perfectionism in young children

In this article Dr Kaylene Henderson provides her top tips for handling a child’s perfectionism.

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The serious business of imagination

Maggie Dent is one of Australia’s most popular parenting authors and educators. In this article she looks at why imagination matters not just in childhood, but in our adult lives.

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Social media and a child's right to privacy

If there was ever a topic to divide parents, it would be the question of whether it’s okay to use your children as social media talent.

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5 ways to teach your child confidence

Confidence in the preschool years, not only translates into success at school, but to increased job satisfaction as an adult.

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The vital role of grandparents in families

Grandparents have always played a vital role in a child’s life. Beyond the treats, cuddles and words of wisdom, grandparents have become increasingly indispensable as they take on a more visible role in raising the next generation.

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