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Dads' mental health and family happiness

While research shows most dads are faring well and feeling good about their parenting, just under 20% have experienced mental health issues such as symptoms of depression or anxiety, highlighting the importance of supporting fathers in their role.

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Top tips for travelling with children

Thinking of heading away with the kids? Travelling with small children seems daunting at best and there's plenty to consider, but family travel expert Sue White has some tips that may make your next long weekend away or overseas trip a whole lot easier.

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Photos, videos and keeping children safe

With parents sharing photos, videos and information about their children on social media, warnings about privacy are on the rise, but what are the ethical and legal issues parents need to understand to keep their children safe in public and online?

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How your gender affects your sleep

The ‘zombie effect’ of sleep deprivation can surprise new parents and interfere with work and family life. However, researchers have found that sleep is gendered and both the average woman and man sleep better when living in gender-equal countries.

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Jamila Rizvi shares motherhood’s secrets

After her son was born, Jamila Rizvi felt isolated, exhausted and confused. In a collection of letters from Australian women sharing what they wish they'd know about life with a newborn, Jamila has compiled a diverse range of deeply honest experiences.

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Children with family pets reap benefits

Owning a family pet can help improve and promote your child's social, emotional and physical development, according to researchers who have found owning a four-legged friend isn't just fun, but also a valuable addition to your child's life.

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What makes a typical Aussie family?

Donor children, same sex parents, surrogacy arrangements - welcome to the evolution of the modern Australian family. The conventional Australian family of mum, dad and two kids has changed and the Family Law Act has to evolve to catch up.

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Yours, mine and ours: blending families

Navigating a blended family can be tricky. Instant children and siblings, along with new additions. The dynamics can make your head spin. We talk to one couple who have made it work.

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