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Articles about 4 year olds

Mum gives a hug to her young son

Helping children face their fears

Life can be random. Because nothing really makes sense, our children are built to require security and predictability. Popular parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson looks at ways to reduce pressure and help children face their fears with confidence.

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Mother cradling her little baby boy

Why under-fives always seem to be sick

COVID has put the spotlight on health but most parents will experience what is often referred to as the ‘sick’ stage with young children. When does the ‘sick’ stage end, can parents boost their child’s immunity and how to keep working through it all?

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Little girl holding mother's hand

Preparing girls for their teen years

It’s no secret that our tweens and teens are suffering from mental illness at higher rates than previous generations, especially girls. Are there vital lessons that parents can teach in early childhood, that will help them navigate their teen years?

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Group of toddlers playing together

How to keep children physically active

We know that exercise helps to build strong bones and muscles and ensuring children get plenty of regular physical activity is essential for growth, but an early learning centre study has shown it can increase activity and improve behaviour as well.

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Doctor is examining eyes of the little boy

Your child's vision and when to seek help

Good vision is essential for a child’s development and yet a third of parents have never taken their child for an eye examination. A child’s inability to see properly can not only impact their academic experiences, but also their social development.

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Angry offended little girl not listening to mother

5 tips to help kids manage disappointment

We all feel disappointed sometimes. But in the midst of a pandemic, disappointment is more prevalent in our children’s lives. Family trips are postponed, celebrations are disrupted and relatives are being missed. So how do we help our children cope?

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Young family having fun together at home

Family rituals - why are they important?

Family rituals. Birthdays, Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali, graduations - during the big occasions it is common that each family has their own rituals to help them celebrate. Why are family rituals important and how can our children benefit from them?

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Baby girl having fun with her dad in their backyard

Childhood milestones: When to seek advice

We've all read the advice on milestones and what your baby or toddler should be doing and when. But what happens if your child isn't meeting their milestone? With conflicting information it can be hard to know when to stop worrying or investigate further.

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