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Fran Chavasse

Senior Nurse educator at Tresillian Family Care Centres

Fran is the Senior Nurse educator at Tresillian Family Care Centres. She is a Registered nurse/ midwife and a child and family health nurse. She has a master’s degree in infant mental health and is currently finishing a PhD in Adult attachment research. Fran is also the author of the Tresillian Sleep Book. Fran...

Questions answered by Fran Chavasse

Premmie sleep issues

Hi, I have a premmie bub who is 8 months old, corrected age only 6 months. She has never really slept long stretches during her day sleeps, usually only about 45mins. But lately her day sleeps have gone from 45mins to just only 20/30 min max. And I don't know why as I haven't changed her routine or anything. Please help. It's driving me crazy.