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Kathryn Marrington

Kathryn Marrington

National Manager of Speech Pathology, Goodstart Early Learning

Kathryn has facilitated positive communication outcomes for children within Government roles, not-for-profit organisations, autism-specific early intervention settings and in the private sector. Her practise is informed by contemporary theory and current industry research on child development, communication and emergent literacy, attachment and brain development within a  strength- based, child centred and family focused framework.

Kathryn wants every parent and educator to feel empowered to enrich the speech and language development of children, at home and within high quality early childhood education settings. She holds a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and has worked in the area of paediatric speech pathology for the majority of her career.  

Kathryn works in partnership with a team of Speech Pathologists, Allied Health and Family Practitioners, Centre Directors and Educators to promote positive lifelong outcomes for the most vulnerable children and families that attend Goodstart Early Learning. She has an integral role within the national social inclusion team to guide the delivery of evidence-informed universal and targeted approaches that build communication and literacy rich environments within early childhood education settings.

Questions answered by Kathryn Marrington

Twin toddler baby babble

Hi My identical twin girls are now 18 months. They do say random words every now and then but babble more in baby language with each other. Should I be worried? They are also very uneasy the last few days, is it maybe a milestone reach?

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