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Alma-Jane ODonnell

Alma-Jane O'Donnell

Senior Child & Family Practitioner for Goodstart Early Learning

Alma-Jane O’Donnell holds a Master Degree and Graduate Diploma in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and has more than 20 years’ experience working internationally and nationally with 'at risk' families/children in the homeless, child protection and early years settings. Alma has extensive experience in program...

Questions answered by Alma-Jane O'Donnell

Toddler pushing boundaries

I have a 16 month old who is pushing the boundaries - being rough with other babies to get a reaction and looking me in The Eye and throwing food on the ground when he understands I’m saying no. What should I do?

Trouble self settling

My 19 month old is waking through the night and demanding Mum to go back to sleep. I always patted her in the cot and shhhh and it worked. It is not working. She is expecting it. If I don't she will scream standing up in her cot. Tresillian gave some advice about not touching her and having dad do it, just talking positivity and walking in and out every couple of minutes. Obviously I can not do that. Was a great baby often self settled until she started teething. She has a dummy. We are expecting a second child any day.

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