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How do I toilet train at night?

How do I toilet train at night?

How do I toilet train at night? My daughter doesn’t want to wear pull ups and yet she can’t realise she's wet the bed at night. I wake her up 3 times a night to go to the toilet. Whenever she has an accident she says she can’t feel her wetting the bed. She doesn’t wake up to go to the toilet she'll sleep through it. Please help. Am I doing the right thing by waking her up to go to the toilet?

How old your daughter is may have an impact on whether she is ready to go without a pull up at night time - her age was unclear in your question. For most children night time dryness comes much later than day time. There are lots of things on the market that could help, such as mattress protectors that have alarm sensors in them etc. Another idea is setting an alarm clock at different times during the night to alert her that it might be time to get up. Again, dependant on the age of your daughter, my suggestions would be to start off with discussing with her that perhaps she might not be ready to go without pullups at night time, as she continues to wet; limit the amount of fluid she is drinking after dinner, and consider having a cut off time; take her to the toilet just before you go to bed, and then consider putting a pull up on her at that time, as opposed to just before her own bed time - she might be more willing to do this at that time of night. You could also implement a few of the strategies together, such as the use of the alarm clock - her taking herself off to the toilet once she hears it go - and then a reward for the number of dry nights in a row. In regards to waking her to go to the toilet, if she is a child that settles back into sleep easily, then I wouldn't worry about her too much - more so yourself and how much rest you are getting :)

Kylie Romero

Kylie Romero

Practice Improvement Area Lead, Goodstart Early Learning

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