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Greg Antcliff

Greg Antcliff

National Manager, Professional Practice at Goodstart Early Learning

Greg Antcliff is a registered psychologist. He is also a Marte Meo licensed supervisor and is an expert in evidence based support for parenting practices.

Greg has over 20 years’ experience working with children, families and educators across diverse child, family and community programs. In 2007 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate early childhood education and care programs for vulnerable children in North America and Europe. Greg is a passionate practitioner and manager who has a strong reputation for embedding research evidence into practice to ensure better outcomes for children. He is currently employed as National Manager, Professional Practice at Goodstart Early Learning.

Questions answered by Greg

Aggressive outbursts and self-regulation

I have a 4.5yo with hearing loss. His behaviour this past week has become noticeably irrational, escalating quickly to anger/aggression. We’ve had three consecutive days with aggressive outbursts. He’s a very smart, strong-willed boy but has trouble self-regulating. He is very aware of his feelings and has no problem naming them. He also knows what strategies he should be using to calm down but doesn’t utilise them ‘in the moment. We already see speechie and OT. Would a child psych help?

Dealing with a cry for attention

What’s wrong with time outs? I’ve read in one of the answers that they don’t work and make things worse? How so? I have 3 kids, just turned four male, almost 2 male and 4 month old girl. The middle child is my most demanding and is always starting something. I know it’s a cry for attention but he doesn’t stop nor give in. Putting him on the stairs/cot for time out is only just starting to make a difference. Before that I found I was giving him small smacks which made us both feel terrible.

4-yr-old afraid to be alone

My lil 4yr old is suddenly scared to go anywhere like his room, the toilet, the bathroom, without someone coming with him. We go every time as we think its just a phase and he will grow out of it. He isn't scared of monsters. He did say there were 7 scary men in his room making faces but that's not the case at all (wondering if it was a dream) we reassure him there isn't any scary things there, take him and tell him he is safe and we will protect him. Any advice?