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Brain Building Tips

Vroom distils early learning research into bite-size activities that support children’s brain growth from birth to age five. With the backing of the Bezos Family Foundation, was developed by a group of dedicated scientists, community leaders and trusted brands, with input from community organisations and families, early childhood experts and neuroscientists.

Name That Sound

At the park

When you’re in the park, pause and ask your child to Name That Sound! Take turns guessing. Are you hearing children playing or a dog barking? The squeak of a swing or the chirp of a bird? Point out that some things, like ants, don’t make sounds.

When playing Name That Sound, you’re inviting your child to focus on hearing the differences in sounds and figuring out what they are. This is an important skill for enjoying and learning language that will help your child communicate with others. 

Park Pointers

At the park

While you’re at the park with your child, point to things you see and say what they are. “There’s a black bird and he’s flying!” or “The little girl is jumping.” Watch where your child is looking and say what it is. 

When you describe what you see or what your child sees, he/she is making connections between words and what they mean. Children who know words and what the words mean have a head start on learning.

New Timers

At the park

When you’re at a playground, help your child do things he/she hasn’t done before. Try out the swings or the slide, or even feel the different textures on the ground. As long as he/she is safe, let him/her try new playground experiences, with a helping hand if he/she needs it. How does he/she respond? Celebrate what he/she says and does!

Giving your child the chance to do safe things by himself/herself helps him/her feel confident, competent, and to learn to take on challenges.