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Brain Building Tips

Vroom distils early learning research into bite-size activities that support children’s brain growth from birth to age five. With the backing of the Bezos Family Foundation, was developed by a group of dedicated scientists, community leaders and trusted brands, with input from community organisations and families, early childhood experts and neuroscientists.

Weather Report


At bedtime, talk to your child about the weather today and what it meant for you. “Today was COLD. I wish I had worn a heavy jacket because I was outside all morning!”

Talking about everyday activities helps build children's vocabulary, communication skills, and their brains!


Singing Time, Calming Time


As you’re putting your child to bed rock him/her gently and sing softly to him/her. Pay attention to how he/she tells you he/she wants more singing. Does he/she turn his/her head toward you? Smile? Move? What does he/she do to say “enough”? Cry? Turn away? Take note of how to respond to his/her cues now and in the future! 

Singing to your child before bedtime is like a calming conversation using music. You sing, he/she responds, you respond etc. He/She is learning how it feels to calm himself/herself, which is an important life lesson.