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Brain Building Tips

Vroom distils early learning research into bite-size activities that support children’s brain growth from birth to age five. With the backing of the Bezos Family Foundation, was developed by a group of dedicated scientists, community leaders and trusted brands, with input from community organisations and families, early childhood experts and neuroscientists.

Glass Half Full

Meal time

When your child drinks out of a glass, have a back and forth conversation about how full the glass is. Is it a little full? Half full? 

When you have a back and forth conversation about how full the glass is, you’re helping your child gain basic ideas about math. It can also help him/her learn new words!


Mini Chef

Meal time

When you’re cooking, have your child help with simple tasks like adding an ingredient. Ask him/her what he/she thinks will happen when you add the ingredient (like pouring a cup of milk into flour) and then talk together about what actually happens. 

This is a real-life science experiment. Guessing about what might happen promotes your child's curiosity, which is critical to learning.

Kitchen Chef

Meal time

When you are cooking, let your child create an instrument using a plastic container with measuring spoons or keys inside. Clap a certain rhythm and ask your child to try and copy your beat with his/her homemade instrument. Then have your child take a turn at leading, and you follow his/her beat.

Going back and forth in a game like this helps your child pay attention and remember the pattern of noises. It's a great brain builder!