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Brain Building Tips

Vroom distils early learning research into bite-size activities that support children’s brain growth from birth to age five. With the backing of the Bezos Family Foundation, was developed by a group of dedicated scientists, community leaders and trusted brands, with input from community organisations and families, early childhood experts and neuroscientists.

A Tall Tale

Nappy change

At his/her next nappy change, tell your child a silly story about the tallest little child in the world while stretching his/her arms over his/her head.

Your voice is your child's favorite sound. Even though your child can't talk back yet, he/she is already taking in your words and using them to build the foundation for language later on.

Changing Chats

Nappy change

When you’re changing your child's nappys, make funny noises and see if you can make him/her giggle or coo, then giggle and coo back at him/her. See how many times you can go back and forth. Follow his/her lead and have a conversation with faces and sounds. 

By following your child’s lead and also responding, you’re building the connections his/her brain will need for conversation and language later on.

Singing While You Change

Nappy change

Sing one of your favorite children’s songs to your child while you change him/her, but put their name in the song: “Row, row, row (your child’s name), gently down the stream,” or “Rock-a-bye (your child’s name) in the treetop.” Encourage him/her to sing along too.

Your child is learning new words and sounds when you sing. The more meaningful and playful words he/she hears, the more he/she will appreciate language. This will help your child learn more words to use when he/she begins to talk.