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Nicole Bentley

Nicole Bentley

Nutrition Services Manager – Nutrition Australia Qld

As the Nutrition Services Manager, Nicole is responsible for the management of the Nutrition Services offered at Nutrition Australia Qld (NAQ).  Nicole has worked as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist for over 15 years and has been with NAQ for over 12 years.  For most of her time with NAQ, Nicole...

Questions answered by Nicole Bentley

Nausea and pregnancy: What to eat?

If you are pregnant and you don't like food, what is the best food to eat?

Picky eating with twins

I have 2.5 yr old twins that are very picky eaters. We just found out they have a gluten allergy. Any food ideas? I can't get them to eat much more than apples, GF cookies or tortilla chips ...occasionally turkey hot dogs. :/