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Keti Ivanoska

Keti Ivanoska

Acting Director and Educational Leader, Goodstart Early Learning

Keti Ivanoska has been in early learning for the past 10 years. Her teaching career started after completing her certificate III in Children’s Services and she was employed at Mill Park in Victoria. Keti continued her studies and completed her Diploma in Children’s Services while working full time and became the assistant in the Kinder Room.

She went on to complete her Bachelor of Education: Early Childhood/Primary School and became the kinder teacher, taking on the role of educational leader. For the past two years she has also been a mentor to new early childhood teachers.

In early 2018 she moved to the Goodstart Early Learning centre in Reservoir and took on the role of Educational leader and Assistant Director. She is currently acting Director and Educational Leader at Jindi Kindergarten and Extended Care. Keti is very passionate about providing the highest quality care and education for all children and ensuring the best possible experience in early childhood.

Questions answered by Keti Ivanoska

Dealing with competitive children

I have two children who for the most part adore each other and play really well, but get painfully competitive over time spent with me. It’s great to feel loved but the competitiveness is exhausting to deal with and often spoils nice moments. Is there a way to work around this?

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