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Child Development Professional Profile

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Tiffany Noble

Tiffany Noble

Senior Speech Pathologist, Goodstart Early Learning

Tiffany is passionate about access and meaningful participation for all children in high quality, early childhood intervention and education services.

She holds a Bachelor of Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Social Science and a Masters of Speech Pathology. Tiffany has worked across community health, rehabilitation and private practice settings and specialises in paediatric speech pathology. She has also lectured, tutored and supervised practical placements in university undergraduate and postgraduate speech pathology programs.

Tiffany works within the national social inclusion team with a focus on developing, managing, implementing and reviewing the Talking, Language Knowledge and Early Reading Skills (TaLKERS) approach in Goodstart Early Learning centres. In line with current industry research, Tiffany works with all necessary key stakeholders at national and local levels via universal and targeted approaches to build communication and literacy rich environments within centres; always striving to enhance positive lifelong outcomes for all children.

Questions answered by Tiffany Noble

Hearing loss and team sports

Hello! My son has bilateral hearing loss. He wears hearing aids during waking hours. He has started Prep this year and has been doing some trial soccer classes. He is not enjoying the sessions, despite the fact he loves kicking a ball around at home or in the park. I wonder if it's because he's struggling to hear the instructions outside (it's a bit hectic) and is getting fatigued and frustrated. Do you have any advice or suggestions for how to introduce our son to team sports?

Developing a stutter

My little girl is developing a stutter. She is three years old and has started hesitating between words and repeating sounds. I’ve seen the doctor and we are working on techniques to help her. Should I be worried about how this might psychologically affect her?

When to start reading to children

When should you start reading to your child and for how long? My baby was born 6 weeks ago and I’ve started reading to him but my family thinks it’s crazy.