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When to start reading to children

When to start reading to children

When should you start reading to your child and for how long? My baby was born 6 weeks ago and I’ve started reading to him but my family thinks it’s crazy.

If it feels right to you, then keep doing it. There will only be benefits from reading to a child as young as yours. Reading to infants not only sets the scene for this important life skill further down the track, but allows you to enjoy some one on one time & close contact. By including reading at a certain time each day, such as just before bed time, this can supprt a relaxing routine that your infant will quickly learn is 'all about them'.

Kylie Romero

Kylie Romero

Practice Improvement Area Lead, Goodstart Early Learning

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There is extensive research highlighting the importance of reading to children as early as possible, so what you are doing is fantastic. Sharing books with your baby is time to connect and engage which enhances the nurturing bond between you and your baby. 

It is also a great way to teach language by modelling different words, what they mean and how to use them.  This learning is very necessary before his first verbal words emerge around 12 months of age. 

Language development is an incredibly important skill which underpins literacy development all the way through early childhood, well before a child enters primary school.

Research shows that the ages 0 - 5 years is the busiest time for a child's brain growth and interactive, engaging experiences between a parent and their child - such as book sharing - are wonderful ways to support and maximise your baby's development during this period.

Tiffany Noble

Tiffany Noble

Senior Speech Pathologist, Goodstart Early Learning

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