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At First Five Years we know that parents share many of the same struggles. We would like to offer a helping hand by giving you the opportunity to air your questions, issues or concerns about parenting, early learning or childhood behavioural issues with our panel of early learning and parenting professionals.

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Dealing with a cry for attention

What’s wrong with time outs? I’ve read in one of the answers that they don’t work and make things worse? How so? I have 3 kids, just turned four male, almost 2 male and 4 month old girl. The middle child is my most demanding and is always starting something. I know it’s a cry for attention but he doesn’t stop nor give in. Putting him on the stairs/cot for time out is only just starting to make a difference. Before that I found I was giving him small smacks which made us both feel terrible.

Managing behaviour Parenting styles

Dealing with swear words

My 2.5 year old has recently started swearing. The blame lies with me BUT I have since reduced how much I swear a great deal. What’s the easiest way to deal with this and let him know it isn’t okay?

4-yr-old throwing tantrums

I have a four year old daughter, and the tantrums are worse now than they were in the ‘terrible twos’. She seems to fluctuate from happiness to meltdown so quickly and sometimes it seems that no amount of effort from us helps. Is this normal? I thought she’d be growing out of this by now.

Help! My child is biting other children

I’m so embarrassed but my child care provider called me in to say my two-year-old has been biting other children. I hate to think what the other parents must be thinking. What do I do?

Learning to follow directions

I have a 3.5-year-old who won’t listen to anything. We both just end up getting upset. I'm concerned that she will face problems in preschool if she won’t start following directions.

Is time-out okay for kids?

I’ve always understood that time-out was a reasonable way to deal with behaviour issues. Now I’m seeing some articles suggesting that time-out has had its day. Is time-out OK and if not, what’s the alternative?

Managing behaviour Parenting styles