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At First Five Years we know that parents share many of the same struggles. We would like to offer a helping hand by giving you the opportunity to air your questions, issues or concerns about parenting, early learning or childhood behavioural issues with our panel of early learning and parenting professionals.

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Questions answered by Kylie Romero. Showing results 1-10 of 11

How do I toilet train at night?

How do I toilet train at night? My daughter doesn’t want to wear pull ups and yet she can’t realise she's wet the bed at night. I wake her up 3 times a night to go to the toilet. Whenever she has an accident she says she can’t feel her wetting the bed. She doesn’t wake up to go to the toilet she'll sleep through it. Please help. Am I doing the right thing by waking her up to go to the toilet?

What to do when they just say 'No!'

My 33 months old girl recently (since about a month ago) said no to everything. Shower, nappy change, brushing teeth, etc. I really struggled with nappy change especially if it's a dirty nappy. I let her cry and yell and not give anything she wants until she wants to change her nappy. It's been 2 hours and she still cries and screams with the dirty nappy still on. Any suggestions? Thanks

4-yr-old clinging before daycare

I have a 4 year old boy who has been in daycare 4 days a wk for almost 3 yrs now. When he first started, he wouldn't even say bye, just run off and play. The last year or so has been not like that. He clings to me and doesn't want to let go. I have to get one of the carers to take him. He doesn't cry. He LOVES daycare and has a great day. 9/10 he doesn't want to leave at home time. So it has nothing to do with not liking daycare. I feel like it's a habit that he continues. I need to break it before Prep.

Active 2-yr-old who never listens

Asking about a 2yo girl who is very active and never listens as many times as we say no she keeps repeating the same things also she will not go to bed without a fight it’s been going on since like 18 months.

Sudden recurrence of bed wetting

My son is 4 years old and started bed wetting since the start of the cold season. He used to wake up and go to the toilet by himself for a year and now he is in such deep sleep and only wakes up 6am to do a wee and 5 out of 7 nights he is already wet. I have started rewarding him and talking to him but sometimes he is dry in the mornings sometimes not. I have seen his GP yesterday and he didn’t seem worried and said that it’s normal at this age and will pass. But I’m still not at ease.

Tackling night-time thumb sucking

My 4 year old sucks his thumb and on advise of the dentist we really need for him to break this habit...any suggestions? I should add that his thumb sucking is currently directly related to his cuddle blankies so we are discouraging the blankie during the day with some success (2 days down) but not sure how to tackle the night times... Appreciate your advice! Cheers

How to discourage thumb-sucking?

I am looking for suggestions on how to encourage my 4yo to stop sucking his thumb - I will try anything!

(Almost) 5-yr-old still clinging at daycare

Hi, my almost 5 year old still clings to me when dropping him off at daycare. He will hug me so tight and won't let go until he gets cuddled by one of the staff...this is the only way to do changeover. I'm concerned he will still do this when he starts prep next year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Fear of the dark

My four year old is scared of the dark and needs us to stay with him while he goes to sleep and then comes into our room (and bed) when he wakes at night. It is legitimate fear and need for comfort but on the down side noone is getting any sleep! What should we do?

When to start reading to children

When should you start reading to your child and for how long? My baby was born 6 weeks ago and I’ve started reading to him but my family thinks it’s crazy.