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Woman working in a laboratory.

Genomics: Would you test your child?

Genomic testing reviews the whole of a person’s genetic makeup. Researchers from Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute set out to discover if parents were offered additional genetic information about their newborn, would they accept it?

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Mother and midwife

Midwives key to improve vaccination rates

A study has found that midwives could be the key to increasing the uptake of maternal and childhood vaccines. Midwives have been identified as one of the most highly trusted health care providers by women within the public antenatal hospital system.

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Preterm baby

Premature birth and the link to ADHD

Children born very preterm are showing rates of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), three times higher than the general population, studies are showing, however monitoring can assist health care professionals with early intervention.

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Biotechnology research

Epigenetics: Child development and genes

Epigenetics is an emerging area of research. We already knew that the experiences young children have in their first 1000 days plays a role in their development. We now know these early experiences can actually change the way their genes are expressed.

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woman who is 9-12 weeks pregnant and FFSeries

You and your baby at 9-12 weeks pregnant

At 12 weeks pregnant you are almost past the first trimester. You will be feeling fuller and will notice lots of changes in your body. Your first ultrasound happens at around 12 weeks and your baby is tiny but fully formed by then.

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You and your baby at 17-20 weeks pregnant

Congratulations! You've reached the halfway mark of your pregnancy. Between 17 and 20 weeks pregnant your baby is growing quickly and you will start to feel him or her wriggling around, and they may even respond to loud noises.

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pregnant torso that is 13-16 weeks

You and your baby at 13-16 weeks pregnant

By 16 weeks pregnant your small baby bump will become obvious to the outside world. Your baby is growing fast now and by 14 weeks will weigh around 25g and be about 85mm long. Baby's hearing is developing as well as its sensitivity to light.

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You and your baby at 21-24 weeks pregnant

Your baby is continually growing and you will look quite pregnant by now. While your baby’s lungs aren’t fully developed just yet they will be practising breathing movements to prepare for life on the outside. Your body is continuing to change.

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