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Articles about Fussy eating

Connecting children with food and nature

Educator and author Natalie McKinnon missed out on the joy of kitchen gardens and chicken runs as a child, but through books and workshops is encouraging children to understand the relationship between nature, food, their health and the environment.

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Healthy eating sets families up for life

Managing fussy eaters is one of the biggest frustrations of families. As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and happy and when they only want to eat jam sandwiches, you worry they aren’t getting the nutrients they need for optimal growth.

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The secrets behind slow cooking for kids

Like so many parents struggling through dinner every night, Paulene Christie was initially drawn to slow cooking by the convenience. Now she has traded her busy life juggling parenting and a job, to lead half a million passionate online followers.

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Fighting obesity – raising healthy kids

You are much more likely to be obese than your parents were at your age, an Australian report has revealed. While that’s hard to hear, here’s another fact - obesity levels among our very young children have almost doubled in the past two decades to 9%.

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Look I’m a Cook! Kids in the kitchen

We know that children need to maintain a balanced diet to grow up healthy and strong and meet the high energy needs of their growing bodies. Involving them in the kitchen and as they get older, learning to cook with them can be a worthwhile adventure.

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Is ‘fussiness' making meals a battle?

Concerns about fussy eating are really common. When meals are a battleground and children are being picky about their food, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be reduced to tears, tantrums, bribes and threats. Read our top tips to ensure healthy eating habits.

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A nutritionist’s 8 top tips for parents

Nutritionist, author and mother of two Honor Tremain knows just how hair-tearingly frustrating the whole "food thing" can be for parents. The key, she says, is to keep it simple - a diet based on fruits, vegetables, nuts, meats, healthy grains and legumes.

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Poll shows parents’ healthy food struggle

Almost half of pre-schoolers are snacking on treats most days of the week with parents handing them out as rewards, and the majority of parents are confused about which foods are healthy, according to a Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll.

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