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The vital role of grandparents in families

Grandparents have always played a vital role in a child’s life. Beyond the treats, cuddles and words of wisdom, grandparents have become increasingly indispensable as they take on a more visible role in raising the next generation.

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The changing face of Aussie families

Single parent families are on the rise and the fertility rate is dropping further.

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Single parent with child in the park

Family diversity: How to teach children

Whether your children are growing up in a single parent home, a nuclear family or with same-sex parents, foster parents or an adoptive family – Christmas is a great time to teach them about diversity and that families come in all shapes and sizes.

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Father applying pollution mask to his daughter.

How Australians have coped with COVID19

Deakin University’s Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation has taken on a national research project asking people to share their experience during the Covid19 pandemic to track community mood and understand coping mechanisms.

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Woman and child holding hands

How to talk to children about adoption

Alice Hayes, Senior Case Manager from the Find-A-Family adoption team at Barnados says, for an adopted child, talking about their adoption doesn't need to be a momentous occasion, it should be an ongoing dialogue based on their level of understanding.

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Grandmother with grandchildren at the beach

No slowing down for grandparent carers

Grandparent carers are helping families meet the obligations of work and family commitments. They are the unsung heroes, filling a void in the busy lives of parents and in some more extreme cases raising grandchildren by taking over parenting duties.

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two mums walking on track with their children

What makes a typical Aussie family?

Donor children, same sex parents, surrogacy arrangements - welcome to the evolution of the modern Australian family. The conventional Australian family of mum, dad and two kids has changed and the Family Law Act has to evolve to catch up.

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socks hanging on a clothes line

Yours, mine and ours: blending families

Navigating a blended family can be tricky. Instant children and siblings, along with new additions. The dynamics can make your head spin. We talk to one couple who have made it work.

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