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The challenges facing LGBTQIA+ families

Challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ families include difficulties in the journey to parenthood, intrusive questioning, and discrimination in mainstream services. Allies are important in combating discrimination, and raising inclusive children through conversations and exposure to diverse resources is recommended.

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How to cope with postnatal rage

The term postnatal rage is, thankfully, gaining visibility. Conversations about postnatal rage have become more common over the past few years with the rise in parents openly discussing their early experiences and challenges on social media platforms.

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Estate planning for young families

What parents need to consider when it comes to writing a will - including financial distribution, who cares for the children, who manages the children's wealth until they come of age, what happens if it's just one parent and not the other

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The changing face of Aussie families

Single parent families are on the rise and the fertility rate is dropping further.

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Mother and father working with children on lounge

The cost of motherhood in Australia

Sometimes, it’s called the motherhood penalty. Other times, it’s called the cost of motherhood. It summarises the gender pay gap when mothers return to work, the bias in recruitment and promotions and discrimination they face in everyday work life.

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Family meeting with a counselor

Why seek parenting advice and support

In any other job, people are trained. Sometimes for years. However, with parenting, there is a real sense that parents are supposed to naturally know how to parent. Dr Becky Kennedy says parents shouldn't hold back from seeking guidance and support.

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Mother holding baby son

Tantrums: A roadmap to keeping your cool

In this article Dr Justin Coulson, author and one of Australia's most popular parenting experts, explores common mistakes we make when attempting to help our children navigate big emotions and suggests three easy strategies to stay calm under pressure.

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Father and child on the lounge

Caring for dads and their mental health

Despite the focus on men’s mental health, fathers are experiencing increasing levels of anxiety and stress from the effect of the pandemic, lock downs, balancing work and family, natural disasters and financial strain from the rising cost of living.

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