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Articles about Siblings

Father and son playing with building blocks together

The truth about parenting an only child

Proponents of larger families claim 'only children' may be spoiled, lonely, or selfish. But science shows this is wrong. Known as 'only child syndrome' research now suggests there is no difference and there may even be benefits to being an only child.

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Little boy with Down syndrome eating popsicle in the swimming pool with his family

Growing up with a special needs sibling

Being raised with a brother or sister with significant disabilities can bring benefits including opportunities to learn resilience and empathy at a very young age. However, it also brings with it some challenges for both the children and the parents.

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Little girls with laptop

Coping with sibling rivalry and conflict

Sibling rivalry is often about gender, position order, stage and age of development. Child psychologist Dr Fiona Martin believes the most effective way for parents to cope with this challenging sibling conflict is through fostering ‘positive play.’

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two mums walking on track with their children

What makes a typical Aussie family?

Donor children, same sex parents, surrogacy arrangements - welcome to the evolution of the modern Australian family. The conventional Australian family of mum, dad and two kids has changed and the Family Law Act has to evolve to catch up.

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socks hanging on a clothes line

Yours, mine and ours: blending families

Navigating a blended family can be tricky. Instant children and siblings, along with new additions. The dynamics can make your head spin. We talk to one couple who have made it work.

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sister and little brother walking on a bridge

Tips for preparing for a new sibling

Sibling relationships can be some of the most important of a person’s life but are often characterised by rivalry. While this is a normal part of childhood, parents can help ease possible tensions.

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