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The benefits of cord blood banking

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Father applying pollution mask to his daughter.

How Australians have coped with COVID19

Deakin University’s Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation has taken on a national research project asking people to share their experience during the Covid19 pandemic to track community mood and understand coping mechanisms.

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Woman and child holding hands

How to talk to children about adoption

Alice Hayes, Senior Case Manager from the Find-A-Family adoption team at Barnados says, for an adopted child, talking about their adoption doesn't need to be a momentous occasion, it should be an ongoing dialogue based on their level of understanding.

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Baby clothes and toys

Helping struggling families in need

At times we have all known families who are struggling and perhaps wondered how to approach them with offers of help, while many other families suffer silently refusing to admit to anyone they're in need. So how can we help our vulnerable families?

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Boy trying to tie shoelace

Dyspraxia: signs, and support for children

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), commonly known as dyspraxia, is more than just clumsiness. It is a motor skill disorder that primarily affects an individual’s ability to learn and perform motor skills. Brian and Sam Elbers know the challenges.

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socks hanging on a clothes line

Yours, mine and ours: blending families

Navigating a blended family can be tricky. Instant children and siblings, along with new additions. The dynamics can make your head spin. We talk to one couple who have made it work.

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Children’s book helps kids with anxiety

Author Katrina Roe aims to help children with feelings of anxiety through her book Gemma Gets the Jitters, providing a valuable learning and story-telling resource for parents of children dealing with their child’s distressing phobias or anxiety.

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Book Marty's Nut Free Party by Katrina Roe

Living with children’s food allergies

When Katrina Roe’s daughter was three years old and heading to a friend’s birthday party, her mother was astonished to hear her daughter say that she hated parties. Her food allergies left her feeling isolated and removed from her friends and the festivities.

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