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Six great nature play ideas for summer

Summer and the school holidays both offer endless opportunities for nature play. Ditch the digital devices and use the time to help children connect with the natural world. Try these ideas, keeping it simple and cheap. There's no need to overthink it.

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Sport and Music: Shaping brain and body

Many children start music and sport as preschoolers, gaining the physical health and cognitive development benefits. But how can parents encourage children's motivation to persevere when acquiring skills moves from play to more rigorous practise?

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'I Like to Move It': Keeping children active

Walking, talking, drinking from a cup, doing up a zip, drawing, and catching a ball are just some of the movements that most children will acquire early in life. Movement also plays a vital role in their cognitive, social and emotional development.

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Children with family pets reap benefits

Owning a family pet can help improve and promote your child's social, emotional and physical development, according to researchers who have found owning a four-legged friend isn't just fun, but also a valuable addition to your child's life.

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Aussie kids among world’s least active

A national snapshot of the levels of physical activity in Australian children taken every two years has given our young people a failing grade of D minus for overall physical activity. Our D minus puts us well behind national rivals New Zealand (B-).

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Should every child win a prize?

It can be as constructive as destructive; as esteem building as debilitating. So, when is competition a good thing – and does every child really need to win a prize? The world doesn't give people a prize for just showing up, so what do children need?

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Dealing with childhood asthma

Emily Eases Her Wheezes is Katrina Roe’s second picture book. In the book, Emily the elephant, who gets asthma, is not allowed to exercise. The book was listed as a Notable Book in the 2015 Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards.

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Poll shows parents’ healthy food struggle

Almost half of pre-schoolers are snacking on treats most days of the week with parents handing them out as rewards, and the majority of parents are confused about which foods are healthy, according to a Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll.

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