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Articles about Literacy

School readiness: How can parents tell?

Is your child ready for school? The problem with that question, Professor Frank Oberklaid, OAM, says, is that there is no single correct answer, partly because at age four or five there is still quite a bit of variability in children's development.

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Reading to kids: Quality over quantity

We have long known that reading is good for children, but research has now gone a step further and figured out how to ensure that the time we spend reading to our children is having the best possible effect on their brain development. Find out how.

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Tips for helping children learn to read

Research into reading aloud shows more than half of children are not being read to at home, leading to calls for parents to keep reading aloud to children. Dr Susan Ledger says when teaching reading, we need to understand how children read.

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Household chores help children learn

How many times have you written a shopping list or read recipes without a second thought? Researchers at Macquarie University have discovered that verbalising the processes you go through every day in your household could help your child read and write.

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Hothousing kids: Too much too soon?

Do we need to boost a child’s learning from an early age by enrolling them in a wide variety of activities or should they be allowed to develop at their own pace? It’s a polarising topic for families. Is there any evidence that it makes a difference?

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Children's Books: 2018 New Releases

Find 2018 new release books for children suitable from birth to five years including picture books, bedtime books, early learning books, activity books and nonfiction. Reading and storytelling helps promote language, literacy and brain development.

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Why you should read to children

Be they recited classics or imagined tales, made up by an exuberant parent on the hop, bedtime stories - or any stories in fact - are a nurturing and essential part of every child's, learning and development. The habits that start at home are crucial.

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Child development milestones: 3-5 yrs

From ages 3 to 5 children learn some physical independence. They begin to dress, feed and toilet themselves while also beginning to develop social skills and make friends. They will talk constantly and ask many questions as their attention span increases.

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