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Articles about Imagination

Boost imagination with ‘loose parts’ play

It’s easy to define toys as objects with a distinct form: a car, a doll or a toy train. However, if we broaden our definition of playthings to include everyday objects or 'loose parts', we can promote imagination and create rich play for children.

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Children's activities on family holidays

To make sure your next holiday is successful both on the road and at your destination, don’t forget to pack plenty of activities for the children and remember that time spent travelling can actually be a wonderful time to connect with your family.

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8 reasons dress-up is good for kids

Role playing and dress-up releases the imagination, letting dreams and aspirations run wild. But behind this most treasured of childhood rituals is a science and a psychology which creates a sturdy base for every facet of a child's development.

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Play a key to learning for 3-5 year olds

When children have the freedom to play, they are satisfying their natural curiosity, making sense of the world around them and having fun. For parents it means letting your child lead the play, following their interests alongside them while not taking over.

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Why you should read to children

Be they recited classics or imagined tales, made up by an exuberant parent on the hop, bedtime stories - or any stories in fact - are a nurturing and essential part of every child's, learning and development. The habits that start at home are crucial.

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The value of letting children play

Despite the old saying that ‘children are sponges’, learning doesn’t just happen by osmosis. It’s a process, and it’s a good idea for all parents to think about what their children are learning, and how they’re learning it, especially when they are young.

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