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Articles about Toys

Man with notebook in cafe drinking coffee, holding his son

Top 10 Essential Parenting Questions

What is tongue tie and should it be treated? What is a normal baby poo? Help - my child has worms! Gold Coast University Hospital Director of Paediatrics Professor Susan Moloney answers the top 10 questions parents pose about children under five.

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Adventurous play: Why children need risk

Is there a reason our children insist on walking on the very edge of a footpath, instead of the middle? Or can’t resist climbing a wall or a tall tree? According to researchers, who define this play as risky or adventurous play, the answer is yes.

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Family donating gifts and toys to charity for Christmas holiday

Teaching children the joy of generosity

Christmas time or any peak time for gift giving is ideal for parents to lead by example and show children that there’s more to life than holding hands out for seemingly endless gifts. It’s important that parents demonstrate "the roots of empathy".

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Children playing on floor with toys

Why play is more than just good fun

The verdict is in. Play is more than just fun. There’s a growing evidence base that play is critically important in promoting safe, stable and nurturing relationships and in encouraging development of children’s future executive functioning skills.

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Young girl plays on an iPad

Keeping ‘digitods’ safe on the internet

The accessibility of the internet has created a need for cyber safety education for young children. Touch screens and internet connected devices and wearables, including children’s toys, have put the internet at the fingertips of preschoolers.

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Toddler walking

Child development milestones: 1-2 yrs

As your child grows between one and two years old, they are developing important fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Their balance, climbing and running will develop rapidly. In addition they will start to learn social skills through play.

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Little girl playing with blocks

The value of letting children play

Despite the old saying that ‘children are sponges’, learning doesn’t just happen by osmosis. It’s a process, and it’s a good idea for all parents to think about what their children are learning, and how they’re learning it, especially when they are young.

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