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Articles about Developmental delay

Colour blindness: What you should know

What does colour blindness really mean and why can the term be misleading? When it comes to supporting the education of children with colour vision deficiency, there should be a greater awareness and understanding to ensure children are supported.

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Twin Milestones – expect the unexpected

Parents of twins can be unsettled if one child is walking or talking long before the other but it’s difficult to know when to seek advice or assistance. Associate Professor Jeff Craig says while twins can be similar, they can also be quite different.

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Dad: A film about autism and fatherhood

The 36-minute short film Dad was produced by Autism Awareness Australia, and recounts the stories of 12 Australian fathers talking about their parenting success stories, struggles and what it means to be a father to a child on the autism spectrum.

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Brain scans predict variations in ADHD

Using neuroimaging techniques, The Children’s Attention Project at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, has found that distinct brain patterns can help explain variations in the way children present with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Brain imaging to shed light on autism

In world first, researchers from Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute are using brain imaging to try to better understand why some autistic children develop typically in their first couple of years, before showing a drastic loss of skills.

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Dyspraxia: signs, and support for children

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), commonly known as dyspraxia, is more than just clumsiness. It is a motor skill disorder that primarily affects an individual’s ability to learn and perform motor skills. Brian and Sam Elbers know the challenges.

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Autism spectrum disorder: Overview

Autism spectrum disorder is the name for a range of similar conditions that affect a person's social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour. Every year researchers unlock more information, helping families to better manage the condition.

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Is autism on the rise? And why?

Autism. It’s a condition we hear a lot about, but how much do we really know about it? Fifty years ago it was rare to hear about people with autism, but these days it seems much more prevalent. Everyone knows someone who’s on the spectrum.

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