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Maori family with twins

A focus on family life in Australia: 2019

Our second national survey of Aussie family life - First Five Years Snapshot of Australian Families - has confirmed that despite the rise of mobile devices it is television which is still occupying children’s screen time rather than phones or tablets.

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Parents with small child

Aussie families chase more time: survey

In our first national survey of family life - the First Five Years Snapshot of Australian Families - more than 60 per cent of parents surveyed said they believed more quality time for themselves would positively influence how happy they feel as a parent.

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Toddler girl pulling faces

How to discipline your children

Parenting is a minefield. There are many philosophies around punishment and reward and the absence thereof, but rather than waiting for crisis moments and human fallibility to decide our approach, it’s worth taking the time to consider our options.

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Sad boy

Managing behaviour through boundaries

Kids. They hound you. Question you. Beg. Plead. Tantrum in public places. They’ll do anything to get their own way. So, how's that boundary setting working for you? But boundaries and consistency are all foundations for a child's sense of security.

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Angry boy looking at puzzles

3 steps to helping kids control emotions

Teaching children the ability to recognise and name their own emotions is essential in developing critical competence. And the good news for parents is that spending a little bit of extra time with your child may lead to fewer tantrums and a happier day.

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Helping children cope with bad news

Today, with the advent of the digital age, and devices and screens at our children’s fingertips so too is the 24-hour, real-time news cycle. It makes children privy to the news of the world, good and bad, as it happens. How do we protect our children?

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Father reading to baby

Why you should read to children

Be they recited classics or imagined tales, made up by an exuberant parent on the hop, bedtime stories - or any stories in fact - are a nurturing and essential part of every child's, learning and development. The habits that start at home are crucial.

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woman working on computer while baby plays

Budgeting for baby's arrival

The birth of a baby can be an expensive time. It’s important to have your finances in order and a budget can help you manage your money and plan for your family’s future. Here are some of the best online budgeting tools to help.

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